Since the company began in 1965 in The Netherlands, FERM is one of the leading power tool brands in Europe. FERM strives to ensure 100% confidence and satisfaction to its customer by offering worldwide durable and high-performance Industrial power tools for an affordable price.


With a renewed focus, FERM invests time to work side-by-side with real users of professional tools to understand their specific demands at the jobsite. Especially for craftsmen, construction workers, tradesmen and other professionals who require professional power tools for an affordable price, FERM designed, developed and produces its FERM INDUSTRIAL power tool assortment.

FERM INDUSTRIAL power tools consists of a wide range of affordable high quality power tools and accessories for the professional market. FERM also offers excellent service in terms of competitive priced spare parts and excellent serviceability of our power tools.

All FERM Industrial products are designed, developed, produced and tested according to the strict European standards and our company is known for its quality products and excellent service.


Choosing FERM INDUSTRIAL is choosing for Affordable Industrial Power Tools.

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