Diamond cutting disc – 150mm – 3-in-1 | WCA1001


- Saw blade diameter: Ø 150mm

- Thickness saw blade: 21.1mm

- Bore diameter: Ø 22.2mm

- Segmented: yes

- Max. speed: 80 m/s


What’s in the package?

- 1x WCA1001

- saw blade for wall chaser 3-in-1

- 150x22.2mm


Note: a broken or damaged disc must be replaced immediately!


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This 3-in-1 saw blade from is suitable for the WCM1001P wall chaser/wall slotter from the FERM Industrial line. This triple diamond disc has special teeth that are placed at an angle for making efficient slots without having to chisel. In addition, the blades are fitted with special grooves so that the blade remains better cooled.