FERM is a global leading power tool brand from The Netherlands. Since the establishment in 1965, FERM has been designing and developing high quality power tools for use in the fields of sawing, drilling, sanding, cutting, grinding and milling. Our power tools are all designed and tested according to strict European standards and meet the latest safety requirements.



What started as an one-man business evolved into a multinational with sales in more than 40 countries. This expansion also meant we outgrew our former office in Genemuiden. Therefore a new building was built in Zwolle to house all needed facilities such as a work shop, bigger testing and conference rooms and enough warehouse space for future years.

Quality has always been the core of our business. Our quality department tests every power tool that leaves the assembly line, to assure high quality machines that meet FERM standards. FERM is also highly committed to service. We understand that selling a power tool is the start of a long-term relationship.


The key to FERM’s vision is the constant drive to improve and optimise our products. This is a time consuming process, which will be a never-ending story in the dynamic world of power tools and technology. It is a philosophy, a passion to keep improving and developing innovative power tools. All because of the simple fact that our end user must be able to trust our machines. Because this same user has to be able to push limits day in day out. But foremost these users have to be able to perform their passion of creating new things. New things made with the power, versatility and precision of a FERM power tool.


What started with the idea of one man, developed into a globally known professional power tool brand 50 years later. A brand in constant motion that is always searching for the perfect fit with the ever-changing demands in the world of power tools. This never-ending process of analyzing and optimizing, ensures high quality products for everyday use.

Choosing FERM is choosing reliable and affordable high quality power tools.