Do you have a question about FERM power tools? We have compiled the answers to our most frequently asked questions into the handy at-a-glance view below. If your question is not listed, please contact our friendly customer service team. For service and warranty issues, please get in touch with the dealer from whom you purchased your power tool.


There is a problem with my power tool. What should I do?
First, check whether you can resolve the problem yourself by referring to the user manual supplied upon purchase. No longer have the user manual to hand? All of our user manuals are available for download from the relevant product page on this website. If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the FERM power tool.


What should I do if my power tool becomes defective within the warranty period?
Please contact the dealer from whom you purchased your FERM power tool. The respective dealer is responsible for warranty and service. Please note that warranty only applies to defects caused in the manufacturing process.


What should I do if my power tool becomes defective outside of the warranty period?
You can order new parts and accessories quickly and easily online


I have lost my user manual. How can I obtain a new one?
Almost every user manual for all of our various power tools are available for download on this website. Locate your power tool by using the search bar or find it in the menu under products.


My power tool is defective. Can I have it repaired by FERM?
For service and warranty issues, please refer to the FERM dealer from whom you purchased the power tool. FERM does not offer a repair service.


I need a spare part. Where can I order it?
Every FERM power tool has an individual article number. This article number (Art. No.) can be located on the identification plate on the bottom of your tool, and consists of three capital letters and four numbers. Please note: FERM BV must also be indicated on this identification plate, otherwise you have purchased a different brand.

Once you have retrieved the article number, visit to locate the power tool and it's associated accessories .


Are spare parts from other brands compatible with FERM power tools?
No, only spare parts manufactured by FERM are compatible with our power tools. To search for spare parts from other brands, please refer to the manufacturer website.


Can I collect my FERM power tool from FERM headquarters?
FERM only operates a wholesale warehouse. Individual power tools can be ordered via our webshop FERM24 or from any of our distributors. Individual power tools cannot be collected from FERM directly.


Can I bring a FERM power tool to FERM?
For service and warranty issues, please contact the FERM dealer from whom you purchased the power tool. You must always provide proof of purchase for your warranty to be valid. In addition, you must also specify the defect and, where possible, the cause.


My power tool isn’t working and I haven’t even used it yet. What now?
Please read the user manual carefully once more and then try again. Check if there is a safety feature in operation and if there is power at the socket. If so, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased your FERM power tool.

We have developed product videos for certain products. You can view these on our YouTube page,


After using my power tool for a prolonged period of time, it’s suddenly stopped working. What now?
First remove the plug from the socket. Allow the power tool to cool down and then try again later. Some power tools feature a built-in safety function.

Another potential cause is that the carbon brushes require replacement. Refer to your user manual to locate the carbon brushes and to determine whether they are worn. Carbon brushes can be ordered separately..

Always refer to your user manual to determine which parts may be replaced. For questions, please do not hesitate to contact the respective dealer or email us directly.


My FERM dealer does not want to help me. What now?
Your FERM dealer determines whether you are entitled to any warranty. You agreed to purchase your product according to the relevant dealer’s terms of sale.


One of my power tool’s accessories is damaged. What now?
Accessories such as bits, sanding sheets and saw blades, which are no longer working due to wear and tear, are not covered by warranty. These types of parts can be purchased separately at one of our FERM dealers. Batteries and chargers only come with a six month warranty.


What is the warranty period?
Warranty periods vary per country and point of sale. Accessories only come with a maximum 6 month warranty, whilst wear and tear of parts is not covered.


My retailer has refused my warranty claim. Is that possible?
You are bound by the contracted service and warranty agreement issued at the relevant point of sale. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover the following:
a. Power tools that have been mounted or modified.

b. Power tools that have undergone improper or incorrect use. The instructions in the user manual have not been followed for example, or there has been poor maintenance, negligence or overuse of the power tool.

c. Parts, such as carbon brushes, chisels, saw blades, sanding sheets, drill bits, chisels, lasers etc. in addition to spare parts thereof (carbon brush caps, clamps, etc.).

d. Spare parts subject to normal wear and tear through intensive use during the warranty period, such as ball and needle bearings, oil seals and piston rings, carbon brushes, etc.


My battery is defective. What now?
First always check whether it is the power tool battery or charger that is defective.

This can be done by connecting a multimeter to the charger. If the charger still issues power then it is not usually defective. You can determine whether the battery is defective by inserting a new battery into the power tool to see if it works normally.

Please note that NiCD and NiMH batteries are less durable than Li-ion batteries. NiCD and NiMH batteries are best stored at room temperature and it is recommended that you allow them to fully discharge prior to recharging. These batteries are also extremely sensitive to drops and bumps. Li-ion batteries are less sensitive to cold and heat, but should not be exposed to either for longer than necessary. Li-ion batteries may be recharged without problem.

Batteries and chargers benefit from a maximum six month warranty. If you have handled the battery correctly and it is still within the warranty period, then please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the power tool. For all other questions please contact us by email.